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Driving an Automatic

nissan micra for automatic driving lessons

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Learning to drive an Automatic car is much easier and stress free than driving a manual car. There are only two pedals to worry about, the brake and accelerator, both being operated by the right foot.

No Clutch, so no need to worry about finding that elusive bite when trying to move off on a hill. No more rolling back down the hill ,or those horrible kangaroo hops or stalling when moving off. Oh Bliss !!!

Moving off you just put the car into Drive, Let go of the foot brake and Hey Presto your off. Just point the car where you want it to go and it will change gear all on its lonesome as you cruise along.

This all makes driving easier and more fun cos you don’t have to shove the gear stick all round the place looking for the next gear. You’ve more chance of seeing what’s happening on the road then, instead of worrying about what’s going on inside.

This all helps you to learn much quicker, and pass the test much sooner. Yippee!!!

P - Park - This locks the gearbox when parked up for the night

R - Reverse - For the going backwards bit

N - Neutral - Not going anywhere

D - Drive - For the going  forwards bit

1 - Keeps car in low gear for going up Everest

2 - Keeps car in Low gear for going down Everest